Something Worthwhile

by Gordon Julian

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Ian Williamson
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Ian Williamson Local talent, lots of skill. Sounds Sufjan-ish and I really like it. Favorite track: To Me, For Me.
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This sequence of songs means more to me every day. Even if it never gets heard by more than a handful of people I will still cherish it. These songs are truly manifestations of my recovery from a very troubled time in my life, and they are from deep within my heart and soul. We all collectively create this world we live in, and this is my small piece of the part of it that is music. Please enjoy it and remember to always be filled with love and selflessness. Thank you whoever you are.


released June 1, 2012

All tracks were written and recorded by myself using garage band and an inexpensive usb microphone.



all rights reserved


Gordon Julian Lansing, Michigan

Hi. My name is Gordon Julian. I have been drawn towards music my entire life. I live inside it and it lives inside me. I will forever be exploring the infinite realm of sound that exists between us all. Please take a moment of time to see what I have created. It is a direct expression of my personality, my way of life, and the things I've seen and wish to see. ... more

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Track Name: All Of Us Are One
Once I had an idea,
that the only way to see,
yourself is to forget that you,
will ever even be seen.

I know I see through my eyes,
and I know you see through yours,
how can knowing only this,
open any doors.

I know that I am conscious,
and i know that you are too,
so theres really only one thing,
that anyone should do,
realize we're together,
and all of us are one.
Track Name: Death & Other Outrageous Things
Sky is black but the moon is white and the stars are sitting in plain sight,
and my friend just lost his brothers fight and now I write now I write,
The sun in low in the crimson sky and the clouds are about to cry,
and you best friend is about to die and now I write now I write.
My eyes burn from staying up late because this is the month of that dreadful day,
the day your lover left and your mother cried and I couldn't write a song if I tried.

I couldn't write a song if I tried,
my dog has cancer my best friend died,
he lost the fight but shit he tried,
I couldn't write a song if I tried.
Track Name: Glorify Simplicity
The best songs ever written were wrote in such a way,
to glorify simplicity of things I can relate.
We all love optimism and we all love feeling safe.

The voices in my head will always keep me sane,
and glorify simplicity of things I can relate.
We all love optimism and we all love feeling safe,
so hearing sounds of happiness,
well that makes everything ok.
Track Name: Something Worthwhile
Tell me your story if you like,
you know I've been bruised too.
And if we hurry we just might,
make this something worth while.

I know I'll learn but I will never know,
what you will know and we will never show,
each other how we figured all this out,
we'll figure all this out.

My only concern is that you will learn,
that there's other ones like me.
I guess it's all right I'd rather not fight,
and make this something worth while.
Track Name: The Chords I Played
When they heard they knew the chords I played,
and it won't change all the things they'll say.
Where am I now,
Where are we now.

Now it's too late and I don't know what to say,
are we ok are you still the same.
Where am I now,
Where are we now.
Track Name: To Me, For Me
Wonder if your wonders will ever be,
the words you spoke to me, for me,
will ever be what you want them to be,
will they ever mean what you want them to mean,
and if I crash this plane right before your eyes,
will you wonder if I lived or died,
will you feed your sorrow with the tears I've cried,
to me, for me

And I feel, ya I miss what I felt,
Unreal, are the cards I dealt,
Before, this vessel explodes,
I'll show you what you already know.

Wish that your wishes will all come true,
I'm not sure what to say or what to do,
If I run away and start a new,
I haven't got the slightest clue,
and if I run this ship into the ground,
I'll sit with guilt until our bodies are found,
the sound of your voice is a beautiful sound,
to me, for me.
Track Name: Love Sick
There's simply nothing I can do,
to write a song for you.
There's simply nothing you can say,
to make me stay awake.
There's maybe one time that I thought,
that things would turn out ok.
And I can't handle all this thought,
when night turns to day.
Track Name: How Can We Know
Now where do we expect to go,
should we be good, how can we know,
the light I wrapped around my arm,
isn't what I thought it was,
and if it will take me out,
at least I know what I'm about.
I have ways of getting by,
taking chances before i die.
brush it off one more try,
some day we'll all learn to, fly,
we'll fly.